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Criticism of a French magazine



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An article in Valuers magazine accused Africans of conspiring to enslave other Africans, along with a photo of MP Obono with an iron bracelet around his neck.Prime Minister Jean Costacks called it a “hateful publication”.

The magazine apologized to Obono but denied that the article was racist. Obobo represents France’s “inbound” party in the French National Assembly. She was born in Gabon. She was elected a Member of Parliament from a Paris constituency.He tweeted the picture with the words “far-right, hateful, stupid and cruel.”This picture is an insult to my ancestors, my family and my political struggle,” he said.He added that he was “more than ever committed to racism and to freedom and equality.

According to a spokesman for the presidency, “French President Emmanuel Mechuan has called MP Obono and strongly condemned any form of racism.” Valerie de St. Justin, a senior member of the right-wing National Rally party, condemned the magazine, saying it was ridiculous.Demonstrations took place in France in June and July against the presence of colonial-era slavery and racism. The protests began in the United States after the death of George Floyd, inspired by the Black Life Matters campaign.The French president reiterated his commitment to the fight against racism, but said France would not remove controversial colonial-era statues.It should be noted that a campaign has been launched in the United States and the United Kingdom against the statues of such personalities.The magazine says Obono was portrayed as a legendary figure of the 18th century. Our article is not racist at all. It was easy for our opponents to accuse us.According to the magazine, this character is a sign of a cruel system.We believe that the most affected by this article have been Ubono and have personally suffered from it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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