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A Big Idea refers to core concepts, principles, theories, and processes for a business. This idea should be a prime focus of the business. A big idea came from a great mind. To create a big idea, you need insight. You have to look inside yourself and ask for something new.

You have to be creative to create big ideas. Are you creative? Tidy up your table? Do everything on time. Like to be quiet. Don’t get unnecessarily angry? These are signs of creativity. The Big Idea doesn’t come from the heart of a dishonest person. It hides in the heart of a pure mind. In order for it to be revealed, you have to give enough time for that. To do something good you need to have edited with the team so you can talk freely about your ideas, exchange ideas, and review the pros and cons. You have to be progressive in order to come up with the idea inside you, that is, you have to think about it, you have to believe about it, you have to dream about it and you have to hold it.

Don’t rush to get your idea out of your time. It’s not always like eating McDonald’s and get the food within 10 minutes.

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