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Researchers hope – COVID Vaccine



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The first phase 3 trial of a vaccine candidate dies in the United States. However, researchers hope to have at least 15000 volunteers and rolled by the end of the week and then get an excellent result. Americans and Latinos are greater risks not only of getting infected but having deleterious negative severe consequences of getting infected. So it’s very important to get a diverse representation in the clinical trials.

Phase 3 trial will switch is determined to find out if, in fact, the vaccine works. In addition to getting information further on safety data thus far looks good but now it’s crunch time. The USA is trying to figure out does it actually work? In fact, it’s a 30000 person trial 15000 will get the vaccine, 15000 we’ll get a placebo. The trial was launched today this is truly world record time. The virus was first put on a public database, the sequence early on in January 2020, and the USA did a phase one trial very soon thereafter. Phase 3 right now which will take several months to determine. If in fact, it does work so to go from not even knowing what the virus was in early January to a phase 3 trial is really record time. The USA is not compromising safety nor was it done compromising scientific integrity. It’s just the technologies and the planning that have now and the ability to move very quickly.

30000 volunteers will be involved in the phase 3 trial. There will be diversity in terms of race, age, group, and location. They’ll be people from 18 to 65 and then 65 years of age and over. One of the main goals is the diverse group of society. The USA won’t even get a greater proportion because you want representation in the trial of those who are most at risk for adverse consequences of getting infected. It is known from the data that we’ve collected. Trial and testing are on their way to that goal. Its a matter of time.