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Coronavirus experience



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At this moment corona virus experience is important and world wants to know the in depth experience of patient. The type and genetic code of virus is new. And finally the road to recovery for people infected with the crown of buyers, many of them have not been identified yet but one man from Ohio spoke out from his hospital bed. He told that he would not survive the weekend.

However, it is identified that he is fighting against corona virus. Kevin Harris medical professionals visiting him in the hospital in Ohio with limited and wearing full protective gear.The fifty five year old says he started feeling sick about two weeks ago, after traveling from his home in Warren Ohio to Cleveland doctors and treat him for the flu and sent him home. But fever and dry cough a primary symptom of the virus only got worse on Friday night. He posted video to Facebook from his hospital bed convinced he wouldn’t survive the weekend. But this morning good news from Harris’s doctors who say his lung function is improving.

This morning people caring for patients also sharing first hand accounts on Instagram, a New York herbalists documenting her struggle to care for her parents both of whom are infected, she says she’s never seen something attacked the lungs like this. Adding quote I’m powerless against this thing I can’t sleep because I’m so terrified about my dad’s breeding just sitting outside his door.

 Miami’s mayor Francis Suarez is also sharing his recovery from the virus hoping to calm some fears. I feel well certainly I’m sure I’m I’m gonna feel symptoms but I want to document them and and and let the public know. so that they can hopefully have a sense of comfort.

 As for Harris he doesn’t know what he’ll leave the hospital and he believes the pandemic will change the world. It already has and I think it’s going to bring everybody closer. Henry says he is sharing his story so that people will listen to the warnings from health professionals. 

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