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This leads me to disconnect and not feel. We’re all feeling the same way, I think because it is difficult for us to accept we exist in this new world that can only ever be understood by those with power who don’t understand their own complicity.

I was lucky enough to instinctually bring this wisdom forth this time last year. After 20 years of being on antidepressants. I found it when I leaned into my feelings and allowed myself to cry. It was similar to when a small child cries really hard, snot running down their faces kind of crying, and then takes that 1st breath and says “I feel better now”. I now allow myself to feel my feelings, really feel them and then the release and healing come. I can honestly say “I feel better now” and move on. It may come up again and I repeat the process and I’m finding I need to do it less and less. I’m happy to say I’ve been off antidepressants for a year now. It was definitely a very helpful tool in my healing.

This is another story. I am naturally quite sensitive and tend to experience strong emotions. This combination of my sensitivity and emotional ferocity was too much for me growing up. This leads me to disconnect and not feel. I am learning to feel again now and I can see how this is having a positive impact on my relationships and whole life. I think this is very important work especially for anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression.

YES! Awareness instead of avoidance! The reason that it’s so easy to look at the world through your eyes is that we’re just not aware until you’ve seen something very, VERY real and tangible. Makes sense, unless you’re depressed.