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Confirmation clothing



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Svava Johansen, CEO of NTC, which runs Gallery 17, among others, says that they did a lot of pioneering work when they focused on confirmation clothes in 1983. She says that the children must be allowed to have something to say about what they are on the day of confirmation and remember of her own confirmation with great warmth.

Galleria 17 has since 1983 focused on clothing for the events that are taking place in the country at any given time, such as for confirmations but also graduations, the shopping weekend, school clothes and so on. It is good to say that the confirmation clothing immediately became very popular with us, both for boys and girls. Over the years, the load around the confirmation clothing has increased and it is always fun to do this task. We have had the task of preparing six months before, deciding on colors, materials and formats, but we have all the menswear made, for example, as it is difficult to find the smallest sizes ready-made abroad. The women’s clothing is both made for us, as the fashion for girls changes rapidly between years,

Asked how the confirmation fashion is today, she mentions suits for girls and also blonde summer dresses. She says that lace dresses are always popular along with silk satin. When it comes to boys’ clothing, suits are popular, but so are individual trousers and jackets.

“The girls are also wearing trousers or a single blazer jacket in light colors and are wearing white underneath. It is popular to wear black wide trousers. The girls wear both beautiful white sneakers and delicate tie shoes in beautiful colors. The boys’ confirmation fashion has probably never been more varied. The boys are both choosing “suit” suits in shades of blue or gray and even with black messages or just completely black. They can choose from very different shirts and it does not matter if they want a bow or tie or drop it, but then they have a smart handkerchief. They can choose between white sneakers or fancy leather shoes. It depends on the type what the person chooses. We listen to wishes and help ensure that the overall look is cool. Individual jackets and black or light jeans are also very popular together and some people choose striped tops underneath or some fun color on the shirt underneath. Colored gala jackets have also been available for those who want to be even more “casual”, and then finer individual trousers are accepted, “she says.

What do you think is important when it comes to confirmation clothes on the one hand? “The main thing is that the confirmation child feels good in the clothes and that they feel comfortable on this day. We must not forget how different we are and the choice of clothes is an interpretation of who you are, so it is not appropriate for parents to control too much what the young person wears on this day. I think we should let them decide for themselves if they have an opinion. Then we must not forget that the confirmation picture is alive and is so often mounted on the wall. We should smile at a good day when we look at it. Usability is also very important and we place great emphasis on kids being able to use their clothes and shoes after loading on everyday occasions. “When Svava is asked about her confirmation date, she says that it has been a long time since she was confirmed, but admits that the confirmation film is still alive and well.

“I was in a light gray small-checkered wool suit from Karnabaer, a light pink silk shirt and light pink stuffed heels. The collar of the shirt was rather large. I sometimes look at this picture and remember how well I felt and what I thought was cool, but I laugh inside myself today and wonder what I was up to, “she says and laughs and adds:

“The main thing is that I felt good and it was a good day. I was confirmed on March 19, 1978 and the confirmation party was held at home. Mom and Dad trying to make it all so nice for me the confirmation child who did a little better. There were about 80 guests, food and waiters from Hotel Saga. “Wow, you suddenly became an adult and I still remember the feeling,” she says.

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