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A manuscript is a historical document written by human hands. Ancient people did not know the use of a notebook and pens. They used to write on tree leaves and animal skins. Sometimes they used tree branches as pens. This manuscript teaches us about ancient times. We know Egyptian civilization through this manuscript. These are historical documents.

Today’s people directly type documents on a computer, create documents, send letters via email. that is the documentation in our daily study. Earlier people use power for thinking within oneself and used to look at nature for solving problems. Before the invention of the printing press, before civilization, everything was manuscript dependent. After the invention of the printing press, we can copy a lot of manuscript writing and information.

Manuscripts are a great resource for researchers as they prioritize any manuscript in their research work. This study may be focused on ancient man-made events, accidents, wars, mourning, various social behaviors and benefits, earthquakes, floods, tidal surges, etc. Researchers are always on the lookout for manuscripts for their perfect research on religion and many aspects. Information about the progress and advancement of medicine and science has progressed by researching this manuscript. Scientists have tried to know about the past through the ages and they have researched this manuscript in different countries. Hebrew is one of the oldest languages in the world and contains many manuscripts that are very helpful for research, science, and development. The Arabic language also contains ancient research materials and manuscripts, including some complex subjects such as medical science and mathematics.

We come to know a lot about slavery from this scripts.

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