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Cloth cleaning – dishwasher tablets?



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Influencers in cleaning have gone a step further than the others – and use new technology when it comes to cleaning dirty clothes. We know how well dishwasher tablets work on dirty dishes and now it seems that they also work on clothes. A woman shared on social media how she puts dishwasher tablets in the drum of the washing machine with dirty clothes – but she did a trial run on her husband’s work clothes that were eaten with coal and grease.

 She recently washed the washing machine with a dishwasher tablet that returned the machine spotless and decided to try giving the clothes a spin using the same method. The result was striking, although not everything was obtained from the garments, it was very different to see them. The clothes have never looked so good, despite having been washed many times in industrial washing machines at the man’s workplace before. People have also been using vinegar to clean very dirty clothes, carpet shampoo and even Coca-Cola to remove stains from clothes, but dishwasher tablets are definitely worth a try. However, we do not recommend using such tablets on fine clothing as the tablets contain a number of substances, such as bleaches which can prove to be too hard a substance for many clothes.

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