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Close to volcano



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I was approaching a volcano. We hired a boat and was heading forward. We hope we could reach there. It’s so cold, almost like the winter months here.Water was calm and steady. We are seeing a volcano from far, at least 10 mile down. Its mouth was smokey. Standstill but not erupting. It may even be in preparation for eruption; we don’t know yet. Nobody can predict that earlier except some animals.

The picture of the ash cloud over mountain appears to depict what some scientists have suspected, according it’s analysis by James Frank and colleagues. That there is no actual volcanic activity now that would make an active magma pond underlain by carbonate rocks . Just dust deposited off-shore at one time during Earth history. We have a geologist in our team. Mr. Frank has been studying those ancient sedimentary layers as evidence that such pockets existed decades ago around our planet. I was shaky, if the eruption starts now?

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