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Chrome – a new security feature



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A new chrome version for android has been released. Capable of dominate website isolation to protect against Specter and similar attacks. At the same time, the function on the desktop side should also fend off “significantly stronger attacks”.Since Chrome 67, the desktop version of Google’s browser loads every website in its own process. This site isolation is designed to prevent page channel attacks like Specter from being used to capture sensitive data such as passwords. With the release of Chrome 77, this feature is now also available in the Android version of the browser. For the time being, however, with certain restrictions. Because smartphones have fewer resources than desktop computers, Chrome for Android only enables site isolation if a login field exists on the page. 

In concrete terms, this is how it works: If you log in to a website, the Chrome browser remembers that and will automatically execute the page the next time you call it up in its own process. The list of login pages is stored locally and can be deleted with the browsing history. By default, Chrome is also outfitted with a list containing frequently used login pages.

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