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Can I make money with blogging?



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Blogging is a great way for online earning. The main problem is that most people lose heart after one or two months. A few months back I was reading an article that why most people fail and give up. The writer was showing that when a person writes his first articles, it creates a burst of traffic but will be deemed automatically after one week, even from 2nd day. So by writing 10-20 articles what how much you can expect? $0.5 or even a little more from ads. By seeing this earning most people turned down. Lose their faith and search for a better option to earn from online. Please note that without consistent content, earning is difficult from online.

Do you have any idea of the long tail? You need a long tail of your content for great success online. It is linking the articles with one another and publishes them on social media. The more will be linking process the more the tail will be. The more content and pictures will be attached with that tail, the more will be visiting. Why backlink is so important because an already long tail has been created there. Those backlinking site (DA -40 and more) is flooded with traffic and you deserver some of those. You can increase the length of your tail (practically not your body, your content!) by publishing to social media, linking content to one another, and give them some good backlinks.

Passion is a good quality of a human. In Google Adsense, you will see they are telling that passion is your profit. If you like playing, start writing on the play. If you are a good cook, write on that. Health is a promising sector for writing and earning. Following is an example of a health blog and see their earning!


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