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Business – the analytical mind



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If you want to do business, you need to understand the business math by yourself, but not the math through which you can build a rocket and can go to Mars! One of the many goals of the business is to find the profit. You need to write all points in the notebook. Depending on what the profit of your business is, goal of business, time to cross break even- you need to write one by one. Now you have to look at each issue differently. Try to understand the importance of each issue. Analyze each of the factors separately and review when they will have a negative impact on the business.

Success factors for your Business Can Be determined by choosing Product, your employee, marketing Policy, How Long will the business Run? Social Media Presence etc.

One of the big things is that you need to know cash flow analysis and clear plan thoroughly for 1 to 2 years. Many traders are fascinated by the middle of the business and in many cases, they close the business. Cash flow is the blood of business, employee run the pumping machine and owner hold control through brain.