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Business is related to your time



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If you are a businessman, first you need to fix your watch. You need to have a beautiful watch in a certain place on your wall. Your watch or mobile phone watch is not enough. Every day there are many decisions to be made for the business and there is a definite time to see the results of each decision. That’s why I’m talking about the clock. Always remember that if your watch is broken twice a day, you will think the time is right. In fact, the time is not right because the clock is broken.

If your watch is analog then you can hear the ticking sound inside the watch. This sound is very important especially for business success. Relate any of your business decisions to time, remember that money grows with time.

What is your relationship with the bank? Any big business is always related to the bank and everything depends on the time of the hour. Bank counts time. You need to count your time.