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BMW will continue to build electric car



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Electric car was invented in 1880 and become popular in 20 the century. Things become more popular when there is a question of air pollution and battery storage capacity. Gasoline gas emission become a question mark and urgency was there to reduce emission. Govt started for plugin electric vehicle, tax benefit and encouraged production of electric car. In January 2019 and updated in April, a Reuters analysis of 29 global automakers focused that automakers are thinking on spending $300 billion for next 10 years for electric cars.

In October, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse contradicted a media report that the BMW i3 was approaching the end of production. Now it is said that the i3 should continue to be built until 2024. The Leipziger Volkszeitung (Paywall) reports , citing plant details. BMW will once again give the Stromer, which started in 2013, a complete makeover. In autumn, industry observers had already said that a model change would be due in 2020 at the latest. Most recently, BMW had given the i3 a battery upgrade in August 2018. Apart from a few technical and optical refreshments, the electric car has otherwise not been significantly changed, as the manager magazine writes. The BMW top manager Zipse, who took over the group management in August from Harald , had confirmed the next production in October quite clearly. After all, BMW makes money with every i3, the investments are written off. And: “The i3 still has great potential,” said Zipse in the FAS. The electric car has been sold around 150,000 times since its market launch. The run on electric cars has apparently recently given the BMW car a boost. BMW grows every year with the i3. In Europe, it went up by 20 percent in 2019, said Zipse.