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Blood pressure control



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Tension needs to be avoided. Sleep better at night. It would be a wise thing to avoid such an environment as too much noise, light, fuss. Under no circumstances should you be involved in activities that require too much anxiety or mental turmoil. Nutrition needs to be provided to such hobbies as gardening or reading books. You need to be happy, you need to laugh and have a good time in music. Spend time with close friends. Chatting, reading fantasy, jokes- are very very supportive to be free from tension. You should not eat any of the ‘fried salt, bit salt, coriander salt, Korkoch salt or sculpted salt leaving traditional salt. Only potassium salt can be consumed. Such salts are available at major drugstores.

Blood pressure control is not difficult in modern medicine as many effective blood pressure control drugs are available. The drug, which has to be taken, should be taken at the advice of a qualified doctor, at the right dose, at a stretch. Along with taking medicines, regular check with the doctor, letting the doctor know if there is any problem or reaction to the drug, these are essential parts of the treatment for high blood pressure problems. The key motive of treating high blood pressure is the patient’s treatment, not the treatment for pressure only. Only one person has the right to choose the drug for a patient’s treatment of excessive blood pressure, in addition to the problems or reactions that arise from the use of drugs. That’s a skilled doctor. In any case, no blood pressure control medication should be taken at the suggestion of a layman or a drugstore. It is not impossible to reverse the blood pressure though blood pressure may not be reduced.


It is natural to have a debate that when the treatment has to be started at how much blood pressure. However, it is appropriate to follow the British Hypertension Society’s suggestion. Doctors try to lower the blood pressure levels below 150 (systolic) and 90 (diastolic) by taking anti-blood pressure drugs for any patient. Yet it is not always possible to keep blood pressure below that level continuously. In most cases, a drug can be taken regularly to control blood pressure. As some people do not have control over one drug, two types, in some cases three types of drugs are used in this matter. It is important to keep in mind the cost, availability, etc. of such medicines since they are constantly consumed for a long time.

The number of such blood pressure preventive drugs is much higher than before. Some of the most widely used and less reactive drugs of new research are now on the market. Consult your doctor and you can find plenty of them.

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