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Best ads network for a site?



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Every ad network has good and bad side. You need to check their various parameters like customer review, success in various geographical locations, CPC, keyword analysis, and need to justify confidentiality. When there are billions of websites in the search engines, at that constrain keeping your page on first on google is really a troublesome task and always SEO can’t do that. Ads are an alternative and lucrative also.

Are you thinking of your website as an ads network or you want to give ads to other places? You can convert your site as a place of ads if you have good visitors. Check the bandwidth of your site, because increasing of visitor will affect your bandwidth and can be noticed form your host. Check that if you receive 200,000 visitors per day, whether your host will allow that or not. In that case you need to avoid reseller account and purchase a dedicated account.

If you want to give ads to other network then my suggestion is They maintain a nice algorithm with AI. For sure you will get good results if you have reasonable traffic. Geographical location is important to The price will vary with location. I have observed that a common keyword in Germany, you will get $16 as CPM. However the same keyword in Asia is $ 0.2 CPM. Choose the geographical location first. Maybe the reason is Europe has a good purchasing capacity but Asia has good visibility capacity. Population and purchasing capacity is a factor.

Some of the ads companies keep a threshold for pay. Like $100. I know some of the starter sites can never attain $100 within 6 months and lose their hope. So they are not getting any money and advertiser keeping their earned money in their pocket. Suppose if a starter fellow earned $18 in a lifetime and if there are 10 million starters, how much revenue a company is keeping their pocket? Can you imagine?

You can try for Amazon for a good payout. Please note that always tie-up with giant not with small having lucrative payment offer. Giant will not disappear but small will.

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