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Basic income- Study of Germany



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The DIW speaks of a million. Here is the application for the pilot project Basic Income. Apparently over 100,000 applications have already been received. However, interested parties must have their primary residence in Germany.The so-called basic income pilot project is expected to provide 1,200 euros per month for 120 participants – for three years. No consideration is expected – at least not directly. The study participants will of course be questioned intensively about the possible effects of the rain of money. So will the 1,380 people who also take part in the study but do not receive any financial payments. You are the comparison group. This is also an important prerequisite for gaining sound scientific knowledge from the study.

This long-term study was initiated by the team behind the My Basic Income Association . For the past six years, payments of 1,000 euros each have been made over a period of twelve months. The whole thing is financed through private donations. The association also collected donations for the long-term study that began on Tuesday. Currently over 141,000 people are said to have participated. Renowned scientists, behavioral economists, psychologists and public welfare researchers are also working on the study. 

A Basic Income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement.

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