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Atherosclerosis is a phenomenon in the artery wall where there is a buildup of fats also other material and called as plaque. As such blood flows become limited. Blood carries oxygen and there is a shortage of oxygen to local tissues. When there is poor blood supply to the organ, will creates pain and functionality of organ will be decreased. A sudden blood clot can happen and can also further narrow the area of the artery. The innermost layer of arteries is called endothelial cells or surface cells. There is also a smooth muscle layer under this cell. Normally atherosclerosis happens under endothelial cells. The effect of cells is a tumor, fat deposit, and deposition of some salts. The deposits are called atherosclerotic plaque or atheroma. The common name of change of arteries physical property is called arteriosclerosis. The sequence of atherosclerosis presumably starts by harm in the endothelium. This harm makes cholesterol and fat enter into the vessel dividers and accumulated there. Salt of calcium can be deposited later phase. Heart attack can happen.

What is after effect of endothelial damage? There will be high blood cholesterol in the blood. The fat content of blood fat will increase and inflammation occurs in the blood vessel. Oxydation agent will be increased in blood as such blood pressure will also be increased. General observation of atherosclerosis is that person will be tired easily. There may come some pain through a physical activity called anoxic pain. Tissue damage or blood flow can occur. If there is a blood clot, blood flow will be hampered. Blood coagulated at an influenced region can tear-free. Chances are there that brain tissue may be damaged and sudden unconsciousness can come. The following can be a way of prevention:

(1) Reduce fat intake (2) Reduce sugar intake (3) Intake of olive oil, rape oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, walnut oil can be increased. Fish can be a good choice. Omega -3 and 6 can be taken more (4) Eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables (5) Smoking prohibited (6)Live a stress-free life (7) Take enough rest. (8) Balance diet and excersise

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