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Something is happening on the update front at Samsung: In the course of the unveiling of the Note 20 series, the manufacturer has promised to increase the update period for its top models to three years.Good news for owners of a current Samsung top model. The South Korean industry leader announced in the course of the Note 20 event that it would extend major Android updates by one year to three years. Now the manufacturer has a number of specific modelsgenannt  .

The subject of Android updates is a painful point for Google. For years, the developer of the successful mobile operating system has been trying to get hardware partners to do faster and longer updates. Google has already presented its in-house Pixel smartphones and has been offering an update period of three years since 2017. The manufacturer does not yet have the five years for which Apple provides its iPhones with updates, but in the Android world the period is exemplary. In addition, Android and iOS updates cannot be compared directly with one another, as Google is delivering new functions without having to roll out a major OS update.  Nearby Share or interface for the Corona-Warn-App. Now Samsung is following suit – at least for some model series.

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