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An careless hour is enough – COVID



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Time is life now especially if you spend lavishly. Star coach Jillian Michael’s fell ill with the crown virus a few weeks ago. She says she only forgot about herself for an hour and that was enough to make her infected. Michael’s is a popular coach in Hollywood. She did not become seriously ill with the virus and recovered quickly. However, she reminds us that she was very lucky. In a radio interview about whether people should go to the gym or not during a pandemic, she said that people should consider skipping going to the gym. “If you are afraid of the virus, you should not go to the gym. “I’m actually a person who forgot for a while, I have not talked about this publicly but my close friend infected me with the virus a few weeks ago,” said Michael’s. 

She became infected by her good friend who takes care of her make-up and hair. She says that her friend did not know she was infected when they met. 

“I am very lucky to have been healthy when I got the virus and was able to get over it fairly quickly, but not everyone is as lucky as we know. “The only thing I can say is that if you are afraid of contracting the virus, there are fitness centers where you can get it,” said Michael.