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Alarm reaction of the mind



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An alarm reaction occurs when a person is overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. This increases the number of heartbeats, increases the levels of hormones in the blood to provide extra energy for work, and has a negative effect on the body. Many people become very conscious or agitated as a result of the alarm reaction. This arousal is manifested in various activities of the body. Excessive arousal often deprives him of sleep but he has to go to work again the next day and has to work intensely consciously. And the relationship with the calm mind is disrupted. Many seek medical help in this situation. Any psychiatrist tries to find out the problem by talking to his patient. In the first session, the doctor did understand his patient. Doctors give some suggestion and try to give some medicine as temporary, Medicine can be good as short term basis, but if a person’s life is dependent on medicine all the time, then it can be considered as normal.

Many wise things to do to cope with stress by taking medication. The mind can easily understand if it makes sense to a rational person. The mind can easily ask why I am taking extra stress? When many questions come to mind, the matter starts to become light!

It has been observed that many people suffer from stress due to grief. As a result, their normal thinking and normal perm are destroyed, their family is damaged and it becomes a constant burden on society. It is not right to impose all the burdens on one to provide support to his family so that one can lead a healthy and normal life. The family has a responsibility for the well-being of a person. The environment and the environment of the state should be pleasant and supportive as well as the rules and regulations of the state. When an income-generating person will see that his working time is taking good shape, his family is cooperating with him and the state is beside him, his mental illness will be reduced.