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In the coming year, three-quarters of German marketers want to increase their advertising budgets by an average of 374,000 euros. The priorities will shift. A survey of 600 marketing managers in Germany, France and the United Kingdom has determined that the advertising budget will continue to rise in 2020. The results submitted by the Rakuten-Marketing affiliate network show that around three-quarters of German marketers want to increase their advertising spending for the next year by an average of € 374,000. The additional expenses do not necessarily flow directly to providers of advertising inventory. Rather, the marketers want to improve above all their tool set. The highest priority is the introduction of artificial intelligence and other technical aids to avoid wastage and other forms of budget waste. After all, 52 percent of respondents want to use AI to optimize their campaigns. “By evaluating large data pools and using AI-based tools, we can, for example, the effect of specific marketing activities to different target groups better predict. In addition to the expenses for upgrading the technical possibilities, the marketers also want to put more money into advertising itself. That varies by industry. Leading the way with a rise of just under 460,000 euros, the segment will be the mainstream fashion, followed by retail with 409,000 euros and the financial sector with a plus of 406,000 euros.

For luxury fashion products 362,000 euros and for consumer electronics 336,000 euros more advertising money flow. According to the survey, the travel industry will benefit the least from the planned overspending with an increase of 153,000 euros. The overall mood among the German marketing managers is good. After all, 89 percent are positive about the business forecasts for 2020, but do not misjudge the risks. They see this essentially in an intensifying competition, a deterioration in the quality of advertising space and visibility, as well as any problems with GDPR and data protection in general.

The marketing managers want to improve especially with regard to new customer acquisition, technical innovations and better data usage. Traditional channels could lose importance. For example, 34 percent of German marketers expressed the opinion that e-mail marketing could potentially be characterized as a budget waste. This is in line with the orientation that market players will want to advertise in the coming year, especially in social media, in cooperation with influences and within apps.

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