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Google Adsense network is a way of earning from blogging. Successful blogger earned from CPC and CPA network and AdSense is good for CPC. However tricks are there to monetize your content in a better way.

Before delivering into the exact process, here are a few terms for a better understanding of Google AdSense. One ad click – Through Rate is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of individual ads impressions. Suppose you show 3 AdSense ads on each page of your site, 1 page view equals 3 ad impressions and 1 ad impression equals 3 page views. This is the estimated percentage of visits to your site that consists of a single pageview are 100%. Suppose you get 5 clicks on 500 ad impressions and your CTR would be 1.5 of 500×100. Now we say your bounce rate, we have to assume that your Page CTR is 1% and the Page View Rate is 10% (1 / 5 of the total number of clicks). This means that you need 100,000 unique visitors per day to generate 100,000 page views per day (1 / 5 of the total number of visits to your website). To earn $100,000 per year on Google AdSense alone, you need 100,000 visitors per day (1 / 5 of the total number of visits to your site). So, the real question is, how much traffic do you need to earn large sums on Google AdSense?

Is it really possible to earn $100,000 a year selling ads on your website or blog? It’s true that you can’t accurately predict your Google AdSense income, but you should optimize your ads to make the most of it. Google AdSense is one of the fastest and easiest ways to monetize blog or website content. You need to learn how many visitors your site needs to attract to make money with Google Ad Sense and make sure all of your sites in your category are ad-friendly, as your Adsense income depends heavily on the category of the site. 

Once you are added to the account, all you have to do is generate an AdSense code, insert it into your website, and then start making money. Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money from blogging, as it is the easiest to implement. However very less initially. The first step for any website that wants to make money with Google AdSense is to understand exactly how many visitors you need to generate reasonable revenue. Adsense focuses on removing most of the advertising boxes on your blog in favor of affiliates and your own products. The problem lies in the amount that advertisers pay Google for each click, as well as in the amounts you receive for each ad on the site. However, if you start to generate a lot of interest in your Facebook ads, Google’s ad rates will increase. Facebook and Google ad testing is definitely required, but if you find a winning combination, it’s worth the effort and time. The Top Content Report in Google Analytics allows you to see the most popular pages of your website according to the number of page views. From this report, you can see how each page on the website has developed in the time frame chosen. Start with a small ad budget and promote your most popular posts and pages based on what you see from Google Analytics. Use the Top Content report to find out which pages on your site are most popular, how many people have viewed them, and how much money they have made with the Google AdSense program. Calculate the number of visitors you need for your Google AdSense revenue from the Top Content Report in Google Analytics. The Google AdSense program allows you to make money from a variety of different sources such as advertising, search engine optimization, and advertising revenue. A calculator is necessary to calculate your monthly, weekly, or daily income, so make sure that your income is calculated in terms of the number of visitors to your website and not in terms of the total amount of money you earn. Estimate your revenue from the Top Content Report in Google Analytics and the Top Content Report. If you are a brand new blogger. Forget the thousands of visitors per month, you won’t make a lot of money with this blog, but if you get 50%, you can earn up to $50 per month. Growing with Adsense is a time-consuming matter. If you have good passion, Adsense is for you.