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Adobe’s Creative Cloud app -various fonts



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The font has a great impact on design issues. Google has various eye-catching fonts, day by day it is increasing. There is the various library of fonts which is included with any Creative Cloud subscription. With a free Adobe account, iPhone and iPad users can get 1,300 free fonts for their devices. Adobe is the first provider to open its font catalog for iOS. So far this was only available for Windows and macOS.Paying subscribers to the Creative Cloud not only get access to the 1,300 free fonts but can use the full catalog of Adobe fonts with around 17,000 fonts. All you need is the Creative Cloud app, which shows the font functionality very clearly after a successful installation. Via the item “Fonts” at the bottom of the screen, you now access the catalog, which can be roughly filtered by category or can be searched through a search function arranged on the top left. If you have found a font that you want to add, tap the little blue plus icon below the font preview and the font will be installed in your system.

Once installed fonts you can also manage the app. But this is not necessary, because they are also available via the settings under General> Fonts for administration. The fonts are used in the respective app, where they appear in the font selection menu. Paying customers benefit from synchronization of fonts across all devices running the same Adobe ID. Of course, the Creative Cloud app must be installed on all devices.

With iOS 13, Apple has introduced font management in its mobile operating system. Since then fonts can be installed and are available system-wide. Whether they can be used in apps depends on the app. This must support the new feature. All Apple Office apps like Pages and Keynotes do that as well as all Adobe and Microsoft apps. Font-assisted apps provide transparent access to the fonts through the in-app font selection. Special measures or handles are not required here. Do not dive into your installed fonts in the menu of the app of your trust, this does not (yet) support the feature. Incidentally, the system UI can not be changed with the fonts.

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