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Youtube – new guidelines



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You tube Channel is going to take a new shape. Garbage items will be automatically deleted if proved. Youtube is now more against insults that affect, inter alia, gender, skin color and sexual orientation. In extreme cases, repeated violations can result in the deletion of a channel. The community welcomes the step, which emerged mainly from a months-long debate.

In the future, videos will “no longer tolerate content that maliciously offends other people on the basis of their ethnic origin, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity, or membership of a protected group,” the official statement states . Therefore, indirect or veiled threats will now be removed. This applies to videos of individuals, YouTube creators and public officials alike. With repeated offenses one can count on the exclusion from the partner program. Further sanctions are the removal of videos or even the deletion of entire channels.You feel committed to openness, want to continue to promote a lively debate and a lively exchange – but you do not tolerate harassment, explains YouTube. It harms the community and contributes to the fact that users rarely share their opinions and enter into dialogue with each other. The crackdown on insults is largely the result of a month-long debate centering on insults to homosexual journalist Carlos Maza based on his background and sexual orientation by conservative comedian Steven Crowder. The video service initially declared Crowder’s offensive remarks to be policy-compliant. After rising and persistent criticism, however, YouTube deprived him of the opportunity to place advertisements and earn money through the videos. Already in the third quarter of this year, over 16 million clearly insulting comments were removed. In order to keep his platform free of insulting comments in the future, YouTube relies on reports from the community, a new review function and a refined filter mechanism. The filter was knitted so that he delete insults, but in principle negative and critical comments allow. The community welcomed the features, which is why they will be expanded from the major channels to “almost all channels” by the end of the year. 

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