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Your true self is what all beings seek



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Your true self is what all beings seek after, and so a simple trick of observation will turn you from the person you are” I think some people see this as being unhelpful or harmful. But it could also be considered an affirmation for your spiritual evolution to become more aware of yourself in relation to others.

The only thing that is appearing to stop you from enlightenment/self-realization/eternal life/knowing yourself to be unconditional love. This is an identification with thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions, and experiences instead of being aware and knowing yourself to be that unconditional love, pure consciousness in which all thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions, and experiences appear but are not inherently one with you.

They are an expression of unconditional love. You are that infinite that is expressing itself as suffering/pleasure but inherently you are neither; you are that nothing/unconditional love/pure consciousness in which they appear and by which they are perceived; Suffering/pleasure comes and goes; there is an awareness that is aware of them coming and going; that you are; remember and know what you are; never identify with anything that is appearing within you; since it appears within you.

When you abide as that in which it appears instead of identifying; nothing has a grip on you; if anything comes; it quickly goes; like clouds passing; only if you identify as a cloud then it will appear as if the cloud is here for longer than it is originally supposed to; if you simply rest as the awareness and do not identify. It will quickly dissolve; be unconditional love by being aware of being aware; this is the highest; this is what you are seeking in absolutely everything else; you are seeking yourself; you are seeking unconditional love, but you are looking outside of yourself; instead of being aware that you already are timeless, unchanging, eternal, unconditional love, peace, joy, compassion, wisdom, contentment, and fulfillment; your true self is what all beings seek. Simply put and be good.

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