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WhatsApp’s new beta



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The social media giant Whatsapp is currently testing three different playback speeds. The web app also has a fundamentally new function. WhatsApp’s new beta has landed in Test flight, the test program in Apple’s app store . This shows that in the future users will be able to play their voice messages up to twice as fast as is currently the case. From which WhatsApp version this will be possible, the Facebook subsidiary did not say. Who does not know that: Monologues that seem endlessly hit Whatsapp. Long pauses, stammering and “Ahs” also disrupt the flow of information. Such sermons can be accelerated in the future by playing the voice message faster. In addition to the single speed, 1.5 times and 2 times the playback speed should lead to limiting grandma’s lecture to half the time. The function is likely to be on the call participant’s icon. Tapping on it speeds up the playback. After reaching the maximum value, it starts all over again. You can speed up lengthy messages and switch back to “normal” for important parts. A slowdown in playback speed is apparently not planned.

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