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What Was The Last Place You Went On Vacation?



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Where was the last place you went on vacation? Can you remember some of the memory? Vacation is always pleasant and lovely.

The ultimate vacation

A relaxing vacation should be attended to that final place of leisure that leaves its fingerprints on the memory. Whatever happens, it is not to be remembered, until one regales himself with some joyful recollection. The last vacation When you can return to the same place you have just left. When the places and faces seem only the same, yet the same place remains. The last time I went to the shore Where was the last time you went to the store? Was it once in a while? Once in a long while? Or did you not go? You will probably recall what you wore. Did you wear your best? How well did you enjoy yourself? The last day Where was the last day of the vacation? Sometimes, we don’t know about the vacation yet. We do not even know when the last day was. Trying to remember.

The most memorable moment

Well, the last place I went on vacation was on the island of Aland. The attraction of this island was that we could swim in the ocean because it had very clear and clean seawater, which was white, quite extraordinary and most of the people do not go there as it was very far away from the mainland. That’s where I enjoy myself with the maximum of my enjoyment. The change I noticed I did not notice any change in me because it was a short trip for two weeks only. Though the nature of the place was fantastic, it’s just that it’s quite far away from my place. How did the trip help As I just returned from there, it was a good vacation for me? The trip helped me in so many ways. It enhanced my happiness, satisfaction and really it gave me the unforgettable moments that I could never forget.

The best place you’ve been

– Finding information and materials for research is something I’m used to and comfortable with. On average, I spend 5 hours working on a single research paper that will be submitted to a vacation journal. I enjoy writing and researching a lot on vacation! The topic is travel cost, enjoyment, and return. Have you ever lost money while vacationing? My most embarrassing experience was when I lost $500 while visiting my boyfriend’s family in the province of Mindanao. I had lost the money by misplacing it. Luckily, I found it soon enough. If you won the lottery today, what would be the first thing you would do with it? As of now, I’m saving my money for a long-term investment such as a car. (I hope that was random enough!) Did you enjoy this topic? I sure hope so.

The most romantic place

The happiest person The most beautiful room The most impressive scenery The most delicious food The best night out What was your favorite meal What was the best song of the year What was the worst movie of the year?

The most adventurous place

I’m no fan of waiting. You know, in Egypt where I can jump off a building without a permit, in a test tube, if I can stand on my head for 10 minutes, it’s because I know how to deal with my boredom. The most challenging place in Japan has a lot of sakura (cherry blossom) that I did not take photos of. I spent a lot of time trying to get that perfect photo of sakura, but I finally managed to snap a photo of cherry blossom in my own garden. That’s why I love that Japan.


Everybody looks forward to going on vacation. If you are a student, then you are still in search of an ideal vacation where you can have fun, travel, relax and enjoy life as it comes to you.

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