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What is left-handed people ?



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Left-handed people are those who write with their left hand. They are the ones who do not like to be in the right side of the classroom, but they want to play sports and games. Left-handed people can use a pen or pencil with their left hand without any problem. But when it comes to using scissors, knives and other tools that need two hands, then they have difficulty because they will hurt themselves if they try to use them with their left hand. What is ambidextrous ? Ambidextrous means having both hands equally good at doing something. For example, someone who can ride a car.

Right-handed people are those who use their right hand for most of the activities. They write, eat and talk with their right hands. They are more intelligent and they have better memory. They can easily learn the new things than left-handed people. They are more prone to accidents, because their hands are different from other people’s hand. The major disadvantage of being a right-hander is that you are less likely to be able to use your left hand. This makes it difficult for many people with disabilities, who rely on their left hands. For example, in the UK and USA, there are around 5 million people with cerebral palsy. They need their left hands for everyday tasks such as eating and writing. Unfortunately, only about 10% of these individuals can use both hands equally well (for example 80% can use just one).

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