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What Do You Think The Next Big Technological Advance Will Be?



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Technology is evolving rapidly. From the stone age to Quantum mechanics every step is important. Massive research is going on and we are advancing with new technology and idea. We’re exploring different ways to change people’s lives for the better, such as providing healthy foods and living conditions.

What do you think the next big technological advance will be?

Our new technology will be the quantum world. Quantum computer is in the final stage of research. We are ready to accept any number or type at our disposal, which has huge potential for creating amazing jobs and improving lives. What about AI? There’s no denying that we have plenty moving towards artificial intelligence (AI), but so far most experts agree on a singularity being closer than it seems. A physicist named Peter Diamandis had predicted this scenario nearly 30 years ago when he theorized machines would arrive around 2030 – perhaps even sooner given current predictions. Technology is also advancing towards artificial intelligence. Humans will enjoy more comfort than earlier. The trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already changed many things in our lives and societies, mainly for the better. The reason was that computers could do a whole lot faster tasks: It can read books by themselves which makes reading easier; it knows how to speak certain languages that humans cannot recognize; and finally, it knew about specific foods so much better. It doesn’t require any mental effort or training from anyone at all.

Why do you think it will be a success?

Can you tell me how it works and how do you use it? What steps do you have to take to be the first to use it? Mobile apps are supporting us to do the work more efficiently. A lot of people don’t know that you can also be a real person using those, so they’re really helpful. Mobile apps are supporting the Android 4.3 KitKat and Lollipop versions of Google Play on your phone or tablet, plus Chrome OS version 10 to 24 (including iOS 8). It’s a great way for you not only to find free entertainment but also to take advantage of these latest mobile operating systems.

What are the drawbacks of this technology?

We have to change our perspective from bottom to top. We are made up of the organic or physical world. However, if we are talking about spirituality and science, this equation is different. We can enhance our physical world by various means and technology that we can get in our everyday life. Such as; Microtechnology. Microtechnology is a scientific process and applied science, whereby microstructure studies and improved control of their physical properties. Hybrid Technology Technology has been used for thousands of years to create hybrids. With hybrids of humans and robots, we are getting closer to the science fiction idea of cyborgs. We are facing another situation of de-evolution.


My life would be different today if I had listened to my mother who always told me to study. Learn how to cook and sew. Get a high school education. Get a good job. Retire by 65. And travel. Travel around the world and visit all the countries. Oh, and I would’ve listened to my father. He always used to tell me: you’ve got to work hard for anything you want.

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