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Weight of the human soul



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According to mythology, in this hall of truth-seeking, the deeds of the soul are examined and judged on its basis.Here the weight of the pen of the Goddess of Truth and Justice is compared to the weight of the human heart. The ancient Egyptians believed that all the good and bad deeds of man are written on his heart.If man has lived an honest life, his soul will be as light as a feather and he will have a place in the paradise of the Egyptian god Osiris forever.

Soul has a weight

 An article about this research was published in the New York Times in March 1907 in which it was clearly stated that doctors believe that the soul also has a special weight. It talked about the experiences of a physician named Dr. Duncan McDougall. Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1866, Dr. Duncan moved to Massachusetts, USA, at the age of twenty.He graduated from the University of Houston’s School of Medicine and spent most of his life treating people at a charity hospital in Hewralt. The hospital was owned by a businessman whose business was primarily with China. From China they brought an important thing, the ‘Fairbank scales’.The scales were first made in 1830 and it was easier to weigh large objects accurately.The day Dr. Duncan worked, people would die the next day, and seeing a weighing machine in a hospital, the idea of ​​weighing the human soul came to his mind.According to an article published in the New York Times, six years after the incident, the subject of the research came to light, which was: Is?’

The purpose of his research was not to prove the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians or to know anything about the gods and goddesses of Egypt, but the subject of his research was consistent with this ancient belief.

You can understand that he started his research by saying that the soul separates from the human body after death. That is, they were not questioning the existence or non-existence of the soul. But as a result of their research, there was a possibility of recognizing this on a scientific level.

Dr. Duncan McDougall made a special kind of bed that weighed very light and fitted it on the large scales in the hospital. He balanced the scales so that it could weigh less than an ounce (about 28 grams an ounce).People who were seriously ill or had no hope of survival were laid to rest in that particular bed and their deaths were closely watched.He used to write down any change in body weight in his notebook. During this time they would also calculate the weight, assuming that the level of water, blood, sweat, feces, urine or oxygen, nitrogen in the body would also change.In his research, four more doctors were working with him and all had separate data.Dr. Duncan claims that “when a person takes his last breath, he loses half or an ounce of body weight.”Dr. Duncan said: “When the body becomes inactive, the scales come down sharply. It looks like something suddenly came out of the body.According to Dr. Duncan, he also performed the experiment with 15 dogs and the results were negative. He said the dogs “did not show any change in body weight at the time of death.”He described the results of the experiment as follows: “At death, a person’s body weight changes because they have a soul in their body, but dogs do not have a body because there is a soul in their body.” Based on this research, many people still say that the weight of a human soul is three quarters of an ounce or 21 grams.

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