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What we see outside word is the reality. Physicist may differ with this reality but this is a fact. Object exists outside with time and space. However besides our present reality an artificial environment can be created with software. User experience of this virtual world feels another reality which beliefs and admit that it as a real environment. This reality can be created by vision and sound. VR headset is an example of virtual reality. Computer technology helps us to create simulated environment. Human being has five sense as such vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. These reality is possible with the artificial intelligence world and rapidly increasing day by day. Training and learning is an primary area of applying virtual reality. Meeting and communication can also be possible through this VR.

VR has negative side too. Children’s are not developing socially. Alteration of personality, depression, anti social attitude, lack of empathy are prime problems. User has awesome experience but at the same time negative sides need to be calculated.

Use of computer and internet has increased significantly. One of the best positive side of VR is that educational content is delivered effectively. Need to focus in this area to increase learning rate. Working from home is a good example of this area too.

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