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Dedicated employees tend to think deeply about their environment and the desires of their customers, but they do not become good learners or listeners. Analyzing their environment and using them for learning creates an environment in which it is easy to become emotionally connected. Baker and Andrew believe that in a market-oriented or learning-oriented organization, great leaders are themselves great learners and promote learning among their employees. According to a recent survey, 74% of employees say they want to know more about their employer’s business and its business model. Technology forces people to learn a lot more all the time, and I think we are at a tipping point. There really is no question that technology is driving everything, but it will also force us to think about what we think, what the reality though is. I think leadership may not be taken as seriously as it should be, and I have a lot of questions about how people get from their leaders to someone who knows what education the workforce needs. C – Suite residents need to know that 95 percent of apprentices find the training pleasant and interesting, while the typical sales intern cannot know that the company is developing a leading bank for the future. When I see companies planning budgets for learning purposes, I begin to realize how important this is, whether or not there are resources on their boards. I believe that if experts find that they have no impact, they think about the next level, for example, if the response to learning data does not convince anyone in the organization, then we should probably measure behavior. If they are worried that they are not doing enough or wondering if they could do more, they look for better measures. How do we immerse ourselves in the learning we expect from our students, and how does learning develop for students not only as teachers, but also as learners? What we learn as students look like professional learning and what learning students look like as learning professionals. We believe that learning is fundamental to human prosperity, and we strive to support educational opportunities through the tools we create and how they create themselves. If you want to implement a digital portfolio for your students, create it now to understand the opportunities and knowledge that you can develop. 

When faced with the opportunity to learn something new or teach others, choose what you are actively learning and making better. There is nothing wrong with accepting something that you may not feel quite ready for but are ready to take on a new challenge that you may not feel ready for. By looking at learning in this way, the social learning experience of the learner is at the heart of the design and not just learning itself. By identifying the learning values that students engage in museum experiences, researchers, educators, and designers can develop a common language of values on the basis of which they identify. These common languages can guide the discussion of learning processes by showing ways in which such forms of learning can be conceptualized, evaluated, and evaluated through design. Educators and designers can use this approach to create and modify learning experiences to better support empirically derived and shared learning values in the museum experience. In order to successfully implement automation and development-capable solution that, for example, uses machine learning to understand what type of content best suits the learning styles of certain employees, HR, and learning experts need to understand their employees “needs and learning style. What would help employees to further engage with learning content and what do they think is missing from existing learning programs? By opening this dialogue, the most effective learning solutions for your organization can be selected as soon as you begin to know and understand exactly what your employees are looking for. Dedicating 5% of your employees “time to learning can reduce turnover by 20%, increase employee engagement, and save your business money. To get a seat at the table at Microlearning Strategy, Salomon offers practical steps to turn L & D into a professional company. At this year’s conference, he spoke about the value of learning and is one of the keynote speakers at the MicroLearning Strategy Conference. 

As an independent learner, it is incredibly important to get a grip on the value of learning. We may be reluctant to learn in the classroom, and teachers may not always work, but as independent learners we get it. It seems to me that, as an industry, we have difficulty articulating the values of our learning functions clearly, and our inability to do so severely limits our strategic impact in a rapidly changing workplace. Knowledge is power.

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