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USA against apps from China



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In the United States, the government wants to ban or block app programs from China. Above all, there is a dispute over the Tiktok video app.

US President Trump says: I will ban Tiktok in the US. Because the US says: The apps from companies from China could be dangerous. The US government believes that the companies are passing data on US citizens on to the Chinese government. The Chinese government says: That’s not true.

But there may be a solution: The US company Microsoft wants to buy Tiktok. Then there could be Tiktok in the USA in the future. The Tiktok video app is very popular. Many young people use the app.

Presidential elections are coming soon in the USA. President Trump wants to be re-elected. For this he made a big event in the city of Tulsa. Young people on Tiktok have reserved many tickets for the event. But you didn’t go to the event. So Trump only had a few visitors to his event. Some believe: Trump wants to ban Tiktok so that it doesn’t happen again.

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