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Uber wants to get his license – London



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The London transport authority sees the safety of passengers at risk and has withdrawn Uber’s license. Uber has now appealed the decision. After the London transport authority did not renew the license for Uber in November, the agent broke up against the decision . Uber appealed the decision on Friday, as reported by the German Press Agency. The UK agency saw the safety of Uber passengers no longer guaranteed after it identified several violations. Criticism came from unlince and not careful driving.

Uber has had multiple problems with the London authorities. Uber has been on probation since Transport for London had not renewed Uber’s license in September 2017. London govt assessed situation every few months. Uber did not survive the last trial period from September to November. During the review in November, the agency decided against a license extension. She did not see the safety of the passengers guaranteed.

The biggest violation is a safety problem in the approval of drivers. For example, more than 40 people could have uploaded their photo to the profiles of approved drivers and could then have taken passengers as alleged Uber drivers.The number of trips of Uber is high  It is about 14,000 trips, all of which were not insured because they were not authorized.

 A facial recognition software has been tested and Uber regional manager expressed that now problem has been solved. Therefore, the company is still hoping for a license extension. As long as the appeal process is ongoing, Uber can still drive in London. According to Uber, 2.5 million people use the car service in London.

Uber is popular all around the world.

For using Uber, you need a smartphone. You can also login to for request a ride

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