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You received an iPhone 11 (Max Pro) or a new iPad as a gift? You may be thinking that how to make ready your phone?Online starter guide for iOS and iPadOS will help you get started.It can be tempting to get started with your new iPhone or iPad right away. But if you want to transfer photos, messages, contacts or other data from your old Android device, you should restrain yourself and follow the following steps first: First, take your old Android device at hand and install the Android app developed by Apple Transferred to iOS from the Play Store.Then you can start setting up your iPhone or iPad. As soon as you come across the Apps & Data menu item , you must select the Transfer data from Android entry. After clicking Continue and accepting the terms of use, you should see a ten to six digit code. You in turn have to enter this in the Transfer to iOS app on your Android smartphone. Then you choose which data you want to transfer and the process begins.

No matter whether iPhone 11 Pro Max or the new iPad Mini : An iOS or iPadOS device is only really fun with the right apps. You can find out which apps were particularly popular among Apple users online. Best apps from different category can be found there.

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