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The third prototype of the Microlino



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The third prototype of the Microlino, based on the BMW Isetta, has a folding roof. In addition, the electric car manufacturer of the same name has lent a hand in the design of the interior and body.

In September, the Swiss manufacturer Microlino wants to present the final version of its electric car at the IAA in Munich. Then the BMW Isetta clone should go into production – four years after the originally planned start. In the meantime, 17,000 pre-orders are expected to be waiting for their “electric smooches”. Now Micro has presented the third prototype of the electrically operated cabin scooter.

Folding roof and new interior design

In the current version, the Microlino comes with a folding roof and a redesigned interior. The company has also improved the chassis and body. In terms of exterior and interior design, the third prototype is already very close to the production version, as Microlino says in a message. Micro has installed two displays inside. One of them can be found behind the steering wheel and serves as a speedometer. A smaller touch display is integrated into the middle bar. This display is intended to control functions such as heating. In the central touch display, Micro offers the option of adding additional functions, as the company says. In addition, it takes up less space than conventional keys.

Microlino without a physical door handle

In addition, the Microlino does not have a physical door handle. If you want to open the door, you first have to unlock the car with a remote control key. Then you press a small button below the headlight, which opens the door a little. Then you can grab the door with your hand and open it completely. Inside there is a push button on the back of the aluminum rod. Incidentally, Micro now wants to partly build the car itself. That is the only way to control the quality and at the same time reduce the production costs. To this end, the company founded Microlino Italia in Turin together with Comp. Construction is taking place on the Cecomp site in La Loggia, in Turin. 

Isetta clone

The Microlino should be fully charged at a conventional socket within four hours. Depending on the version, the e-racer can travel up to 200 kilometers. The maximum speed is 90 kilometers per hour. The basic model costs around 12,000 euros.

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