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The demand for strong encryption



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Presently communication is the backbone of all activity. If all the communication is protected by encryption, we are assured and can have bilateral communication freely. Trajan’s are increasing day by day. Cyberattack is not uncommon. We need a protective environment of communication.

In an open letter, 28 companies and organizations criticize the federal government’s plans for state Trojans. They demand strong encryption and the protection of private communications. The Chaos Computer Club, Facebook, and Google, among others, have signed. “There are only a few legislative proposals where everyone simply agrees that they are very bad ideas,” commented the CCC on the open letter.

Encryption Monitoring

The background to this is two planned legislative proposals. On the one hand, the constitution protection law is to be reformed and allow secret services to use state Trojans. The monitoring should start at the end device before messages are encrypted so that encrypted communication would no longer be protected from monitoring. With the new Federal Police Act, the Federal Police should also be able to tap private telecommunications if the person concerned poses a threat to public safety or if there is a risk of a criminal offense in the near future. This should, according to the draft also apply to those who communicate with the suspects.

Companies to coperate

In the planned reform of the constitutional protection law, the signatories particularly criticize the planned obligation for companies to cooperate. This would, therefore “make companies the extension of the intelligence service and put cybersecurity at risk.”

Strengthen encrypted communication

The expansion of telecommunications surveillance threatens the security of digital communications and cybersecurity in general, argue the organizations and companies. Instead of weakening encryption, the protection of private and professional communication should therefore be strengthened. Encrypted communication is an important tool for civil society organizations, journalism, private individuals, and IT companies. The signatories of the open letter are calling on the federal government not to get the proposed legislation through as quickly as possible, but rather to enter into a dialogue with civil society and companies.

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