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Team viewer in Home office



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It is time to stay in home and do work. We need various file sharing online, comments and decision form office colleagues and need discussion. Web conferencing and file sharing are also essential. Projects are composed of team sprite and responsibility sharing.

Because of the corona crisis, companies can currently use Team-viewer for free – at least unofficially. Other providers are now making their solutions available free of charge. Presently we need no cost solution. Global economy is declined due to virus. Because of the restrictions in combating the further spread of the Sars-CoV-2 corona-virus, Team Viewer, the company behind Team-viewer, is apparently turning a blind eye when it comes to the professional use of remote maintenance software . At least temporarily, the company should no longer take a closer look to see whether the solution, which is free for private use, is used for professional purposes.

Specifically, it says that employees of companies who have to send the entire workforce to their home office for two weeks because of a Covid 19 disease, for example, can work unofficially with the free version. 

This tolerance, which Team Viewer initially introduced in the USA, has now been extended to Germany. A legal claim should not be derived from this possibility. Therefore, the “offer” is not actively advertised. After all, this toleration is merely a courteous, temporary and tailored to the specific case. In addition to Team viewer, other previously fee-based solutions are available for use in the home office.

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