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Startup idea during COVID



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The corona pandemic is forcing people to rethink. We need to find new ways for earning.This doesn’t just apply to working life. Leisure activities also need to be rethought. European investors are shifting their focus accordingly. Which startup ideas can expect venture capital in the future?

Virtual reality

At the forefront are startups that deal with methods of virtual reality , above all AR, i.e. augmented reality , in which digital elements are displayed in real scenarios. It is less important whether the VR application has a professional purpose, such as supporting technicians in repairing complex machines using AR glasses . Playful implementations of games for the Oculus Quest or other 3D devices are just as welcome among investors .


Game testing

Overall, the computer games industry is one with many opportunities. If people are not allowed to go outside, the attractiveness of the home console increases enormously. In particular, cloud gaming , which can be played collaboratively without the need to be physically present in the same place, is seen by investors on the upward trend. Cloud streaming of games, for example via xCloud , Google Stadia or Apple Arcade , is also becoming more popular . In order to keep the boredom at bay in the long run, a whole universe of new games is required here.

Delivery of Goods

Open investor doors are also likely to break in services that cover general living needs. This includes delivery services for a wide variety of goods as well as ride-sharing services with special security measures. Local public transport is viewed as unsafe in the pandemic. Individual sharing services, for example for scooters or cars , are also enjoying good support.

Telemedicine work

After the way to the doctor was considered too risky for a long time, telemedicine experienced a boost. Companies that make diagnostic services possible over a distance are currently finding investors easier than before. Many ideas can be found here, including the use of robotics in healthcare.

consulting Service from home

Classic advisory services, such as those of accountants, tax advisors and other commercial providers, also come under pressure. Business people want to be able to develop their company as independently as possible. The Baltic states have applied this approach to their government services and offer the most advanced e-government services in Europe . In most other countries there is still a lot of potential for companies that digitally make encrusted bureaucratic structures more flexible.

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