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Socializing drains my energy so much



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Nowadays I can’t create a single post. I am an introvert because socializing drains my energy so much! Socializing drains me, I simply cannot go through the motions anymore. Socialization means follow facebook, give post, check mail, watch videos, and much more. Every moment there is a beep sound that restricts me to connect with the outer world.  I am confined in this, but my life goes on without stopping but with hassle. And so it happens: many times an hour or more of listening, willingly or not willingly.

This is not to say that you should avoid eating while watching TV or doing something other than reading the newspaper – your brain does require attention on yourself to solve any problems.

Nowadays I am feeling that my socialization creates barriers to my creativity. My energy is drifting with socialization. I am becoming empty.

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