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Social networking targeting has been an important means of persuading voters since the last US election at the latest. But what did the German parties spend on the European elections for this? A study of various state media institutions, which was presented this week at the Munich Media Days, has brought interesting findings regarding the party advertising on the occasion of the European elections in May this year to light. For example, the expenses for Facebook and Google advertising on the part of the individual parties were examined. The most differentiated ad portfolio, especially on Facebook, had CDU and SPD with 17,449, or 15,234 ads. Slightly less differentiated, but with a similar budget, the Greens have acted: The three parties mentioned spent between about 230,000 (greens) and 297,000 euros (CDU).

Similarly differentiated is the image of the CDU in the Google ads: The Union switched for 261,200 euros ads, the Greens with a budget of 140,750 euros far behind. The other parties ended up with budgets between 0 (CSU) and 32,600 euros far behind. The budget is interesting for both portals of the AfD: The party invested in each case around 23,000 euros, so at least has to target technical not big guns. For the evaluation, the data was drawn from corresponding APIs of the networks, so it is not just information from the parties.

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