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When you have fewer things, you take better care of them”. One hundred percent true. This will be an easier lifestyle if more people lived zero waste.

Just reducing waste is not the solution. but it does seem like a logical approach to reducing both time and money spent. A good idea for recycling your bike shoes or sock so you can easily change out them when needed? The long-term solution is developing a recyclable material technology in which all food containers, expendable and clothing can be produced in. That way when the contents are consumed, the ‘material’ (which is not PE) can be recycled 100% for the next product. The long-term solution is developing a recyclable material technology that can capture, store and recycle all of the waste produced by burning fossil fuels. After a while, you’ll be surprised how much clean air there is in any given year.  if only the plastic packaging that was meant to be recycled or reused in a different way is removed. The most worrying aspect of this product is the many toxic additives contained inside: lead, mercury, and other elements – all likely carcinogenic if ingested through food.

We don’t need a few people doing zero-waste perfectly: we need millions doing it imperfectly. But now that humans are better at finding, understanding, and using all of the information available to them. We need to aware more of our environment. We don’t know what the future will bring, we only have a little part in it right now. Every small effort matters.

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