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Skills are great assets that can save you



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Skills are great assets that can save you in crisis.  The skills will also come with training points for those who wish to increase their survival abilities more or further than what is described here: Skills Training & learning. What they really mean is, to protect and enhance your ability while making it easier for the enemy to fight without having to waste their resources on damage over time spells or healing them up with potions. 

When I was learning English, I’ve tried to memorize all the words and vocab as much as possible, but after months I still can’t speak or even give a comment on youtube or Instagram posts in English. Finally, I realize that I don’t need all the words in the oxford dictionary to start speaking, like that ukelele chords, know some important words is enough for you to speak in a foreign language, and that’s what I do now.

Acquiring skills is not difficult. This means mastering the art of “training.” That is, learning to keep track and prioritize what you need; keeping a diary entry or calendar every morning/evening about when you’re going through important tasks such as preparing meals, studying on time, etc.

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