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Situation of COVID -19



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The situation of corona in Italy is not good. Earlier, too many people taking their cars and going out to the cold storage, going to the second homes. However this weakened yesterday there was on the television the restrictions on the police have reported that there were less people going out and taking the cars. Eight hundred thirty people died today. Two more people have died in the past twenty four hours. People are more concerned about mobile checks. The situation is quite critical right now.

 New figures out of Iran showed the death toll rising costs two and a half thousand. More than three thousand new infections as well bringing the total number of cases up to around thirty five thousand. Iran’s president has been reassuring people crisis will end soon. The health care health system is ready to handle certainly.

 The US president signed a two point two trillion dollar aid package to help people and businesses cope with the effects of the pandemic America. The highest number of cases worldwide with more than a hundred thousand people infected.

 Interestingly China’s began easing its restrictions on the eleven million people in Wuhan the outbreak was first reported back in December. People are not allowed to enter the city that’s been on the locked down for more than two months. People are happy to see their family.  Although the economic situation China has taken a turn for the better has not been completely destroyed.

Police in South Africa have been struggling to enforce a twenty one day nation wide lock-down which came into force Friday midnight. people are only allowed out of their homes to buy groceries or for health emergencies a large crowd to gather for townships, which social distancing is almost impossible.