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Security vulnerabilities



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Personal data security is very important to us.We donot want to get unwanted mobile message all the time. Many restaurant guests enter their data online when they reserve tables or are currently entering their corona lists. The Chaos Computer Club has now managed to get this data.


A total of 87,313 Corona contacts from 180 different restaurants that use the cloud-based system could be accessed. In addition to personal data from visitors, the system also stores cash register sales and orders. The CCC was able to access 4.8 million personal records from more than 5.4 million separate reservations.

The vulnerabilities discovered were extensive. Among other things, a lack of rights management was noticed. An incorrect check of access rights made it possible for people without special rights to access sensitive data. As an example, the CCC cites the possibility that a restaurant could access the corona data of another restaurant. The analyzed passwords also showed that there are apparently no password guidelines. How else can you explain insecure passwords like “1234”?The security gaps were immediately reported to the operator of the cloud system. The provider has already confirmed all reported gaps and is now taking care of the closure

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