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All we believe that diet and exercise is the only tool to reduce heart disease. However there is a new heart product with aspirin available in market and can reduce heart attack.

Cardiovascular disease poses a major health threat to both men and women all around the world. A recent survey tells us that more than 70 million adults in the U.S having heart disease. It is not very sure the type of disease but one type of cardiovascular disease is confirmed. The fact can be dysfunctional conditions of the heart, problems of heart artery, less supply of oxygen in heart and brain. The information is shocking and not enthusiastic. Is it comes form social distress?

Food habit creates a fatty deposits in the arteries, increase cholesterol level, blood pressure can increase and as a result circulation of blood become poor. Once having a cardiovascular disease is in threat at heart attacks and fetal conclusion. Some of the heart disease are genetic but not all the cases.

Exercise and balance diet is the first step to prevent heart disease. Heart is a very sensitive organ and only one in a human body. As such doctor consult is essential. Low-dose aspirin with heart health vitamins with supplements are good for body. These ingredients are special and can help to reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke. Risk factor of heart can be reduced.

CardioEAâ„¢ is a tablet partially filled with Aspirin. Vitamin B complex can also be taken as extra. Garlic Extractâ„¢ (AGE) is also good for heart.

Why not taking natural garlic regularly. I have found a German guy who’s launch is garlic, ginger, coconut water and biscuit. He said he is excellent at age of 86 years.

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