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Rakuten is a Japanese online retailer. Having food reputation and can cash back from shopping from 2500 stores. Rakuten has put together a package designed to attract new traders to the marketplace . The offer is valid until September 11th and offers beginners some benefits. Rakuten apparently wants to secure a larger piece of the e-commerce cake and has put together a for new retailers Paket . The offer is valid until September 11th and is aimed at dealers from Germany, France and Great Britain.

Dealers who take advantage of the offer pay a basic fee of 25 euros instead of 39 euros per month for one year. In addition, Rakuten will credit them with a credit of 100 euros, which will be offset against future sales fees. For the necessary marketing of the products on offer, Rakuten donates two months of free Rakuten dealer marketing and the opportunity to be included in Google Adwords campaigns, newsletter mailings and sponsored product ads. There is no setup fee of 49 euros and the contract can be canceled on a monthly basis for the first six months.

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