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Planets as life friendly



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A light year can be defined as a distance that a light travel in vacuum. We can say that it is 9 trillion kilometers. For finding new places for living , scientist are searching day and night, finding ways. As such an old start which is 12 light-years away may have possibility of temperate, rocky planets. Matter has been discovered recently. In our solar system, there are four rocky planets namely Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. We also have gas planets like Jupiter. Basically early solar system determines whether planet will be rocky or gaseous.

Our earth was created approximately 4.54 billion years ago. Basically one third of age in comparison of universe. Volcanic out gassing created our atmosphere. We are living in earth with pollution and population.

The newly found star is eight billion years old and higher than the age of sun. Likely there is a planet which is orbiting and very old, possibility are there for favorable habitability.

All the universe is connected together. There are skies, stars and planets. Full of mystery. Marion Cotillard

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