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Our life is locked with various passwords. Social media, online booking, air ticketing, bills, banking, credit cards, accounts on Facebook and Instagram, shop on online marketplaces, rent rooms via Airbnb and book flights via comparison portals like Google Flights – and often have no idea how important network security really is.

In the development of digital technology, network security is becoming vital, because all worth and activity are related to the network. If you look in the IT job market, network security is a well-paid job. A few days back I was observing the collapse of Malaysian Kualalumpur International airport, KLIA 2. I was one of the passengers, however, I had found good support from the airport authority.

Your parents use the internet. Many of them have spent about half of their lives without the internet, and some of them are online as if there were only the good in people. Do you belong to it? This is how you fell them to the need for strong passwords. You probably grew up with the internet which is a contribution of the modern era. Your parents are not. But you use it. With the changing of technology, new things are coming and we need to adopt that as a whole. Most of their accounts are protected by passwords, which is still the most common way to guard against unauthorized access in 2019. Most services force their users to use at least a minimum of caution when choosing their password. Passwords can often be no shorter than eight characters and must contain at least a number, a capital letter, a lowercase letter, and a special character. While choosing a password, we must not include home name, children’s name, name of the place, road name, wife name, any significant number, etc. You can think and do that. Ask your mother and father. Make a rundown of your web-based social networking and email accounts, online stores, and different administrations with which you have a client account. The rundown is? Ask her what all the touchy information about these administrations is. Photographs? Charge card data? The quantity of their government managed savings cards? Contracts or secret archives of your manager? It’s not really simply that your folks should know in detail what data lies – which would be attractive and at times idealistic – to build up a feeling of the amount they share and reveal over the web. Conceptualize with them how terrible or costly it would be if all of those pieces released or got lost. A password cracking tool can try up to 100 billion combinations per second. An eight-letter password means 200 billion possible combinations – you can calculate yourself. Your parents do not use the same key for the front door, the office building, the safe and their car. By this analogy, you can make them understand that they should also use different passwords online. A good password should be longer than 13 characters, at best no words that could be found in a dictionary include and Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters are included.

Protect yourself and your parents with password security. Among environmental security, health security, social security, passwords security is urgent.

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